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Introducing New Kehrein Center Branding Materials

We’re thrilled today to launch new branding materials for the Kehrein Center for the Arts! With an updated logo, new colors and visuals, the Kehrein Center’s aesthetics will now better reflect our four core values. Graphic Designer Nailah Golden created the new branding materials, using six colors, (red-orange, yellow, light blue, purple, white and black) to represent the vibrance, hope, and rich culture in the Austin community as a whole. A six-sided star, the same as in the Chicago-flag, is one of the main shapes utilized in the new branding, a nod to the Kehrein Center’s rootedness in Chicago.

“I really appreciate the use of the “Chicago Stars,” ones that resemble those from our city flag, as a reminder that it is communities like Austin that comprise our great city,” said Reesheda N. Graham Washington, board of directors member. “These stars, shining brightly as a collective, invite us to celebrate the beacon of light that the KCA aspires to be as a part of the Greater West Side, as we join our partners in illuminating all that is beautiful artistically and civically together.”

The six new colors for branding are meant to represent:

  • Creativity (red-orange)

  • Joy (yellow)

  • Unity (light blue)

  • Passion (purple)

  • Beginnings (white)

  • Culture (black)

“The nod to the Chicago flag and the vibrance of the color choices were some of my favorite parts of putting together this branding. Being able to represent the rich culture of Austin, Chicago as well as the freedom of expression the KCA encourages through its space and programming was important. It’s an exciting and supportive atmosphere to be a part of as a designer, so to connect on that with the broader community is an amazing opportunity.” _nailah

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see more branding materials, and check out upcoming events!


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