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Our events spaces cater to diverse interests and passions, fostering creativity, connection, and community engagement in Austin. 

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The KCA Theater

Stage space best for small to mid-sized plays, musicals, concerts, symphony orchestras, performances, movie premieres, and graduations.

Capacity: 850

The Allen House

Geat space to serve as a green room for celebrity guests, a performer-holding area, and an event room. Ideal for intimate meetings, gatherings, and showers.

Capacity: 110

DuVernay Atrium

Showcasing space for vendors, as well as a pre or post-refreshment haven for guests. Well suited for photo opportunities and social cocktail hours.

Capacity: 100

The Obama Room

Versatile space suitably designed to be a show participant holding space, VIPs, and social soirées!

Capacity: 120


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When you rent the KCA theater, you get complete buy-out access, which includes all additional spaces at no extra cost. The DuVernay Atrium, Obama Room, and the Allen House can be rented separately from the theater but NOT concurrently with another client's theater rental.


After you've reviewed our rental brochure and calendar availability, feel free to submit an application or book a tour.

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