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“everybody’s welcome” by Poet Laureate avery r. young, in Honor of the New Kehrein Center Mural

Chicago Poet Laureate avery r. young (right) performs his original works "everybody's welcome" and "county dr_____" ft. Justin Dillard on keys & Mekeba Malik of Deeply Rooted Dance.

everybody’s welcome

fo(r) a wessyde mural by Barrett Keithley aka B-Keezy!

at the unveiling at Kehrein Center for the Arts

september 13, 2023

wessyde be paradise

fulla mountain(s) wif window(s)

& bac(k)-porch(is) erect(id)

at intersection(s) of street & soul

cut dis corner

& encounter an-udda mountain

cullud gold

cullud green

cullud lavender

& see de drum(s)

& see de saxophone(s)

& see de note(s) on a mountain

wif window(s)

cut dis corner

& gaze upon de blk girl magic

in awe-view of blk woman marvel

& u realize dey see each other

to know all dat be possible

look at’em 3-story high

bronze(d) & afro(d) conductor(s)

from an intersection of street & soul

directin a chorus

of instrument(s) & imagination

& we know wut happen(d)

wen hudson saw franklin

or wen blige saw baker

or wen hill saw simone

we know wut happen(s) wen we see oursef(s)

all bronze(d) & afro(d) cullud on 3-story mountain(s)

wif widow(s) & bac(k)-porch(is)

at an intersection of street & soul

directin a chorus of instrument(s) & imagination

paint(id) gold

green & lavender

amongst drum(s)

saxophone(s) & note(s)

we know wen we see oursef(s)

we are given de permission to be oursef(s)

purely metallic in hue

uncut funk-da-fy(d) symphony(s)

of wut is possible

& plant(id) in our gallatic power

we know wut happen(d)

wen da brat saw queen latifah

& wen queen latifah saw sha-rock

we know dey all saw a star

& room inside de sky

to be a star too


who cut dis corner

can pause & know

we can happen

as bright

& as gold

as note

& as dream

as street

& as soul

as window & porch

as we want to be

all bronze(d) & afro(d)

on a 3-story mountain

inside a sky

werr every-body is welcome

inside a sky

dat will always make room

fo(r) us

all gold & drum


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