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Rollingout: Sharon Morgan shares the importance of the Kehrein Center to Chicago

In a November 30, 2022 article published in Rollingout, co-managing director of Kehrein Center for the Arts, Sharon Morgan, speaks to writer Eddy "Precise" Lamarre about her creative upbringing in the arts, and how she envisions the future of the center.

An excerpt from the piece:

What does success for the KCA look like?

When I envision what success would look like for the Kehrein Center, I can see the surrounding communities, Austin, North Lawndale, West and East Garfield, Galewood and the downtown area all using the center for their fine arts events. Success also means that it could be a beacon for first time organizations to showcase their talents with local artists. I would love to hear the phrase, “I got my start at the Kehrein Center for the Arts” in the Austin community. - Sharon Morgan


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