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Soul Migration by Orbert Davis Illuminates the “Great Migration” Through Jazz and Conversation

Soul Migration by Orbert Davis and the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic

Orbert Davis and the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic staged an original production of Soul Migration October 20 in the Kehrein Center for the Arts. Davis created this brilliant work drawing on the stories of the six million African Americans who took part in America's “Great Migration,” fleeing the Jim Crow south to the industrial north. During intermission, Davis interviewed West Side native John Fountain, an award-winning columnist, journalist, professor, publisher, and author.

An impact report from the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic orchestra found that of concert attendees surveyed:

  • 100% — had a great experience

  • 77% — can’t wait to return to Kehrein Center for the Arts

  • 62% — learned more about America’s history

Orbert Davis and John Fountain discuss the Great Migration during intermission of Soul Migration.


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