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We need your input!

The Board of Directors invites the Austin community to review KCA’s core values To our friends in Austin, The Board of Directors has been working to develop and articulate its core values. These values will guide both the board, and our organizational strategic plan, prioritizing the expressed needs and aspirations of the Austin community. In our work thus far, the board has reviewed listening session data from the community, historical documents, and Austin’s Quality of Life Plan. The board’s mission is to ensure that the values espoused by the Kehrein Center for the Arts reflect the work and passions of Austin’s community and its leaders. A draft of four potential core values has emerged that, we believe, are worthy of your consideration and feedback. Before finalizing these draft core values as key drivers into the Kehrein Center strategic plan, we invite the Austin community to review and provide input. Our proposed core values attempt to answer these questions:

  • What is the opportunity that KCA is providing as it pertains to this value?

  • What will we be intentional about as it relates to this value?

The Kehrein Center’s emerging core values are as follows:

  • Community Edification: The Kehrein Center recognizes the importance of centering, honoring, and dignifying the Black community and acknowledging the diversity of culture therein. As such, we are intentional about space-making and power-sharing that elevates opportunities to celebrate, promote, and preserve ways of being that are core and central to the Black community and its collective priorities.

  • Entrepreneurial Sustainability: KCA is committed to doing business and developing partnerships that inspire, innovate, and create opportunities for community members to participate in the local economy. We are intentional about sharing, allocating, and acquiring resources that create a long and healthy legacy, both for the theater and the surrounding community members.

  • Human Expression: KCA embraces and encourages expressions of the human spirit in ways that uplift and inspire the Black community. We are intentional about catalyzing opportunities for sharing creativity, curiosity, and innovative power.

  • Education Incubation: KCA provides a space to educate and inspire the community through the arts, civic engagement, and talent incubation. We are intentional about prioritizing opportunities that create windows and mirrors to reflect the culture of the Black community, while exposing our patrons to the vast world around them.

We believe that these values are relevant and meaningful for the Kehrein Center and the Austin community. But to be sure, we would like feedback and input before finalizing the core values, and moving on to the development of a strategic plan informed by these values. On behalf of the Kehrein Center for the Arts Foundation, please consider providing feedback on the relevance, prioritization, and alignment of these potential core values with the needs of the Austin community. With Gratitude, KCA's Board of Directors


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